Take the Beachtek Audio Challenge

We invite you to take the “Beachtek Audio Challenge”. Compare capturing audio on a DSLR camera with one of our audio adapters versus using any digital audio recorder.

See if you can hear the difference!

We all know that the preamplifiers in DSLR cameras tend to be noisy which automatically lead most people into believing they must use a digital audio recorder for capturing clean audio.

However, by simply reducing the audio gain in the camera to a very low setting, you can virtually bypass all the noise and record excellent audio directly to the camera – no external recorders or syncing required!


No need for external digital audio recorders – saves time in post production!

All that is required is an easy to use low-noise preamplifier like the ones in our popular DXA-SLR ULTRA or new DXA-MICRO PRO. Both provide up to 30dB of gain which will produce audio recordings with a very high signal-to-noise ratio with virtually no hiss.

We understand that there are obviously times when a digital audio recorder is required such as capturing high quality music or when multiple channels are needed. However, in the vast majority of applications, recording audio such as narration from one or two microphones directly to your camera will give you virtually identical, if not better, results.


Can you hear the difference?

Watch (and listen to) these videos to compare the sound quality on a variety of DSLR cameras with different microphones.


By PegLeg Media. An excellent comparison of camera and audio devices where you can hear the difference in using the audio adapter versus using the microphone alone.


By Alfie Vaughan. Review, sound comparison, and setup tips for the DXA-MICRO PRO, including sound recorded with and without the audio adapter. This is a perfect setup if you are a vlogger or doing video interviews on the go.


Recording audio directly to your DSLR camera is a viable, super easy option for many applications!

We would be delighted if you agree to review either of these devices to compare for yourself and publish the results to your readers. We would promote your review on all of our social media channels to help you attract more viewers. Simply let us know which product you would like to review, the DXA-SLR ULTRA or the DXA-MICRO PRO. Both of these audio adapters work on virtually any DSLR, and they are a reasonably priced, high-quality addition to your filmmaking gear bag!


Our DXA-SLR ULTRA ($299) has two balanced XLR inputs with phantom power, low-noise preamplifiers, VU meters, headphone monitoring and a several other useful features. View the full product specs or buy the DXA-SLR ULTRA here.


Beachtek DXA-SLR ULTRA audio adapter - buy now on Amazon - Read our excellent reviews

If only one balanced XLR input is needed, our new DXA-MICRO PRO ($149) is a great option. It has the same low-noise preamps of the DXA-SLR ULTRA and also has two mono and one stereo 3.5mm inputs with plug-in power so you can easily attach mics or wireless with mini-plug cables. View the product specifications or purchase the DXA-MICRO PRO here.


Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO audio adapter - Buy now - Read our 5 star reviews on Amazon


How To Set Up Your Camera for High Quality Audio

This short video explains how to properly set up your camera to record the highest quality audio.



We hope you take up the Beachtek Audio Challenge and see for yourself how easy it is to capture high quality sound on your DSLR camera!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or need help deciding which audio adapter is best for your video needs.