5 Minutes With Harry Kaufman

Recently the Technologies For Worship magazine featured a great interview with our president Harry Kaufman.
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Technologies for worship

Tell us a little bit about BeachTek

BeachTek was established in 1997 to provide a solution for recording high quality audio on the new generation of DV camcorders that were released in the mid 1990’s.

The DXA-4 was our first adapter which was a relatively simple passive device and was developed for the popular Sony VX1000. It was so successful that it sold for over 14 years undergoing many upgrades during that time. We also built many other custom adapters for several of the popular camcorders that were released in the years to follow.

In 2009, we developed the world’s first adapter for a DSLR camera. Our DXA-5D solved a number of problems for getting professional audio into the Canon 5D MKII.

Our latest DSLR camera adapters have evolved into sophisticated units complete with all the features necessary for recording professional audio directly to the camera. All components that go into our adapters are sourced from the finest companies around the world.

We have become the “missing link” for connecting professional audio gear to today’s DV camcorders and DSLR cameras.

What do BeachTek adaptors do and how do they help get better sound?

It’s all about the preamplifiers and balanced XLR inputs.

The built-in low noise preamplifiers in several of our adapters provide a much cleaner signal than the preamplifiers in the camcorder or DSLR camera. This makes capturing high quality audio a breeze,

Also, the balanced XLR inputs allow the user to connect high quality microphones that are far superior to the built-in microphone on the camera. It also allows you to connect a mixing board for a direct audio feed.

Another important feature is the ability to control and monitor the audio levels. This ensures that the proper audio levels are being sent to the camera for optimum results.

What is the difference between HDSLR and Camcorder Adapters?

Most of today’s DSLR cameras have missing features that make capturing professional audio a challenge. This includes, lower quality preamplifiers than a typical camcorder, no VU meters, no headphone jack and difficult to control audio levels.

This is why we developed custom adapters for these cameras to include high quality preamplifiers with monitoring and control features. The DSLR adapters are therefore feature packed to make recording professional audio just as easy as on a camcorder.

The adapters are also ergonomically designed to fit ideally on either a DSLR camera or traditional camcorder.

Are BeachTek adapters easy for volunteers to use, and how easy are they to integrate with existing product.

We at Beachtek are about simplicity. We take great care in designing all of our products to be as simple and easy to use as possible. All controls are actual switches or knobs – no searching through complex menus to change a setting. For the most part, they are simply plug and play.


Harry Kaufmann


Beachtek Inc.