Most popular DSLR audio adapter – The reviews are in!

DXA-MICRO PRO: our most popular audio adapter reviewed!

We issued the Beachtek Audio Challenge last year and so far 18 filmmakers, cinematographers and vloggers have shared their opinions. They’ve tested our Beachtek adapters, done comparisons between our products and other manufacturers, provided detailed insights, done sound tests… and shared their thoughts in blog posts and videos.

Our DXA-MICRO PRO audio adapter was by far the most popular product! As with all of our Beachtek adapters, you get great sounding audio quickly and easily because there is no need for time-consuming editing in post production  and it works with virtually any DSLR, mirrorless or video camera.

What makes Beachtek adapters so popular – right from the mouths of video creators and filmmakers like you!

Here are a few of the most popular and thorough video reviews from Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter and Sean Cannell of Think Media.

We also created a playlist of review and testing videos about the DXA-MICRO PRO audio adapter from a variety of  independent filmmakers, YouTubers, video bloggers, cinematographers, and other creatives.


Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter did a useful and informative comparison of 7 audio devices and the video has been viewed over 23000 times already! Caleb not only went through various features, but also did a sound test on the 7 audio adapters.

Caleb said about the DXA-MICRO PRO “This thing is loaded with features…really powerful stuff and it’s a beast of a little device, it’s really strong and very well made…I would say go with the Beachtek, it did sound really good”.

In fact, Caleb recommended the $142 DXA-MICRO PRO over the Sound Devices MixPre-3 that cost over 4x as much!

Check out the comparison in the video below.


Sean Cannell of Think Media is a video blogger with a very popular YouTube channel that has over 400 ooo subscribers. Sean’s team had recently upgraded to a Sony Alpha a6500 4k camera and put the Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO to the test on the fly at NAB tech show in Las Vegas, paired up with a Sennheiser wireless mic.

Sean said “We wanted a simpler and more streamlined audio solution where we could really monitor they audio… this is a cool device. It gave us the ability to monitor our audio in a nice clean streamlined setup for run and gun, for shooting live events, and the ability to have the audio embedded so it sped up our workflow overall… so you can get great audio instantly and not have to lug around extra stuff to be able to record dual system audio.”

Watch Sean’s video below to see what equipment he used, what he loved about the DXA-MICRO PRO, and suggested other ways you could use the Beachtek adapter to improve the audio on your videos.


More Video Reviews

If you want to check out more user review videos about the DXA-MICRO PRO audio adapter, we’ve created a playlist for you right here on our YouTube channel.

And if you want to check out other user reviews and comparisons of our other Beachtek adapters, we’ve made another playlist here featuring the DXA-POCKET, and the DXA-SLR ULTRA too.


Want to learn more about the DXA-MICRO PRO?

Watch the overview of the features in this video. Or check out all the details and product specifications of the DXA-MICRO PRO here and see how you can get clean, hiss-free audio quickly and easily on virtually any DSLR or video camera without the need for time-consuming work in post-production.


Have you used one of our audio adapters on your filmmaking project or when recording content for your vlog? We’d love to see YOUR videos and reviews too. Send us a message and let us know how you’re using our Beachtek adapters!