New Sennheiser AVX wireless system

The new Sennheiser AVX wireless system works exceptionally well with any of our audio adapters. You can attach the receiver directly to one of the inputs of our XLR adapters for DSLR cameras or camcorders which will hold it in place. No need to worry about mounting the receiver to your camera and no connecting cables required. Makes for a neat, compact package. You can even attach two receivers or one receiver and a shotgun for two channel recording.


With the DXA-SLR ULTRA, DXA-CONNECT and DXA-BMD adapters that provide phantom power, you can use the phantom voltage to automatically turn the receiver on and off when the adapter is switched on and off. This is a very convenient feature and saves battery life in the receiver. With the passive DXA-SLR PURE for DSLR cameras, DXA-BMD for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and DXA-2T for camcorders, you don’t even need to use a battery in the adapter to pass the audio signal. This allows you to easily adjust the signal from both the wireless and a second mic for the optimum recording levels.

You can also use the AVX system with our MCC-2 and DXA-POCKET adapters that have mini-jack inputs via the supplied AVX cable.

Using any of our adapters with the Sennheiser AVX system will provide superb audio to your camera for professional results. Nothing could be easier to use.