Pro Audio for your Smartphone

Do you use your Smartphone to shoot video for your vlog or record video interviews for your YouTube channel?

There is a quick and easy way to get pro quality audio on your iPhone or Android device!

If you are ready to take your videos to the next level and get better sound on virtually any Smartphone, then this setup is perfect for you. It’s easy to set up, lightweight and small enough to carry effortlessly, and gives you pro quality sound on your Smartphone without having to fuss with the audio and synchronize it after recording – so you can upload your videos immediately after recording, right to your vlog, social networks, or YouTube channel!

Here’s the gear we used in the photo and how to set it up yourself:

Connect our DXA-MICRO PRO audio adapter to your smartphone with the Rode SC7 cable and then connect your mic or wireless – in the image above we’re using the Rode Videomic Pro.

The DXA-MICRO PRO provides powerful low-noise preamps, plug-in power and 48 volt phantom power to work with virtually any microphone. Monitor the audio with your headphones directly from the adapter. This setup delivers a whopping 80dB is signal-to-noise ratio for superb, hiss-free audio which is even better than most cameras. Easily set the signal level on each mic with an independent trim control.

Want to record audio from two sources?

Easy! Just connect any two mics and mix them together for one channel recording on your smartphone. You can also use this popular DXA-MICRO PRO adapter on your camera, DSLR or mirrorless camera for two-channel recording. No other device could sound better or be easier to use.

Are you a solo shooter recording yourself for your vlog?

Whether you are out on location or in your home studio it’s easy to capture a great sounding video with your Smartphone. In the example in the photo above, we mounted the smartphone on a selfie stick and used the popular Rode VideoMic Pro on a flash bracket as the boom mic and then used the digital Sennheiser AVX for the wireless.

This setup is a self-standing rig ideal for vlogging and also perfectly balanced and light weight for hand holding when you are doing interviews on the fly at events, conferences or out in the streets. With the exceptionally high quality of video recording capabilities on today’s Smartphones you can easily record videos with pro quality sound. And you have the ease and convenience to upload immediately to your vlog, YouTube or social media because there is no need for time-consuming editing in post production … making this the perfect gear for your vlog or YouTube channel!

Want to learn more about the DXA-MICRO PRO or the new DXA-MICRO PRO+?

Watch the overview of the features in this video. Or check out all the details and product specifications of the DXA-MICRO PRO here, or check out the added features in the new DXA-MICRO PRO+ here.


We’ll be sharing more Smartphone video and filmmaking tips as well as a Smartphone video demo in upcoming posts.