High Performance Audio Setup For the Black Magic Pocket Camera with the MCC-2

black magic pocket cameraHere is a very portable, low cost, yet high performance audio setup for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. This setup provides sound capture from a high quality, compact camera mounted mic from RØDE, as well as a professional quality wireless system from Sennheiser.
Both mics simply mount and connect to the MCC-2 and each channel can be independently controlled. This will provide truly professional results in a nice, compact package.
  • The Pocket camera requires a relatively hot input to provide good results so we selected the appropriate microphones for the best performance.
  • With the current 1.5 firmware in the camera, the camera gain needs to be set to 100% to get decent audio levels.
This is not a problem as the signal-to-noise ratio actually improves at higher gain settings. There is no visual level monitoring but you will be able to monitor the audio using headphones connected to the camera to ensure confidence sound.


Camera: Gain to 100%, MIC IN
Receiver: AF OUT to 0dB output
VideoMic: +20dB boost
MCC-2: Adjust each channel volume so that they are balanced in the headphones and not distorting.

All these products are available from B&H Video