Recording Trick with the DXA-POCKET Adapter

06_DXA-POCKET Adapter

When you only need to use one microphone or wireless to capture audio to your camera, here is a simple trick you can use with the DXA-POCKET adapter.

Most mono mics with mini-plug connectors have a TRS jack. This allows the microphone to record to both channels even though it is only mono. You can split this mono output and feed each channel separately through the DXA-POCKET by plugging the mic into the STEREO input. This lets you set each channel at a different level.

Set one channel at the normal level to give you an average reading of -12dB in the VU Meter.

Set the other channel to give you a slightly lower level that will act as a backup in case the first channel gets distorted from an overly hot input. Be sure to set the M/S switch to S for Stereo.

Now you can record audio without having to worry if a sudden loud sound will cause your audio to be blown out as you will have the second channel recording at a lower level as a backup track.

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