Wireless Comparison: RODELink vs Sennheiser EW100


The Sennheiser EW100 wireless mic combo has been the workhorse for professionals around the world for years. It has an excellent reputation for reliability and great audio performance.

The new RODELink that was recently released is now the new kid on the block and we will see if it is a viable contender to the EW100.


We put both of these systems through our Audio Precision APx515 Audio Analyzer to gauge their performance. We were particularly interested in comparing the noise and distortion levels.

To normalize the levels for the test, we set the EW100 Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX) to 0dB and the Rode TX to +20dB and RX to 0dB. This provided comparable output levels with the same fixed -30dBu input.

The THD+N for the EW100 was 0.22% and the RODELink was an impressive 0.005%. The distortion levels on both are low enough to be virtually inaudible, but the RODELink had far better measurements.

The more important test is the signal-to-noise ratio. This is an indication of how much hiss the system generates. The higher the ratio, the less noise you will hear. The EW100 had a s/n ratio of 73dB while the RODElink was a whopping 87dB. Both of these numbers are excellent but once again, the RODELink was clearly superior.

The chassis of the EW100 is a robust die cast aluminum and It is also very compact in size. The RODELink chassis seems to be a high quality polycarbonate and while it is about the same weight as the EW100, it is about 37% longer. Based the feel of each unit in the hand, EW100 wins in construction and compact size.

In summary, both systems will give you superb audio. The new RODELink has impressive specs and is priced lower than the EW100. It will no doubt become an very popular wireless system – especially for DSLR camera users. If you want a simple to operate wireless system that provides no compromises in performance, look no further than the new RODELink. We believe this is a winner and is the best bang for your buck.

Both the EW100 and the RODELink work beautifully with any of our professional DSLR and camcorder adapters. The adapter provides monitoring and control features as well as the ability to attach a second mic such as a shotgun to record two high quality audio channels directly to your camera with no syncing required. We have a variety of models with advanced features for every type of microphone and camera. Please visit our website for more information.